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AVL Mundo Artist-in-Residence
developing new editions of LOVE SPACE
15 – 08 – 2020 to 31 – 09 – 2020, Rotterdam

Empathie | geen mens is een eiland
presentation of LOVE SPACE @Museum IJsselstein
13 – 09 – 2020 to 31 – 01 – 2021, IJsselstein

IMPAKT: Zero Footprint
contemporary media & audio-visual arts festival
28 – 10 – 2020 to 1 – 11 – 2020, Utrecht
live gigs: 29 October

Dreaming in Everywhen
exhibition re: nature as a source of wonder
14 – 10 – 2020 to 17 – 01 – 2021, Utrecht

Le Guess Who? ON/OFF
offline and online international music festival
13, 14, 15 – 11 – 2020, Utrecht
live gigs: 14 November


Envisioning Other Futures
presentation / reading @ Other Futures Festival
t.b.c. 2021, Amsterdam

Dare to be Silent
landscape intervention & performance(s) in Drenthe
t.b.c. 2021, Diever

_DEEPSOILx S T O N E O R G Y, worldbuilding extravaganza, MU Eindhoven
_Kunst is lang, 50-minute video-interview by Mister Motley (2020)
_S T O N E O R G Y (first gig), music peformance @Garage Rotterdam
_Cyber Sanctuaries, online biënnale @Specter/TheWrong
_Darkness is light germinating (Earth Table 1 + 2), installation in Orgonomics exhibit

_SHIFT x Neuhaus, experimental research @Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam
_Summer Solstice, summit by Specter @V2 Rotterdam
_Trans Neolithic Future, graphite drawing series (2019)
_Silent Bard (treehugger), Performance at Zone2Source Amsterdam
_Echoes of Shamanism, Review in Metropolis M (NL)

    _Talks of Treehuggin’, Artist Talk (audio) Zone2Source (2018)
    _New Wavy Druidry, Article by Onomatopee


        _Grove 2.0, Outdoor Installation at Lustwarande '17, Tilburg (2017)
        _Gratitude, Performance (2017) at Lustwarande '17, Tilburg
        _Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory […], Performance & Publication at Onomatopee, Eindhoven

        _Re-viving Matriarchy, Essay on Paganism, Power and Language @ itallcomesdowntoearth.com
        _Private Partner Bonding, a tailored wedding ceremony (2017, private commission)
        _Love Space (2017), Free Sex Community & Research at CURE PARK, Amsterdam
        _Love Space, exhibition at Art Rotterdam (2018)


_Down to Earth, Research into Permaculture and Community
_Permacultuur (NL), Article on Permaculture and Food Forests
_Futuristic Primitivism, Article by Rieke Vos (Het Hem) for O, Wonder!

[ work before 2017 ]

Jasper creates Participatory Performances, Installations, Research & Words
They design Sacred Time and Space and work with feelings, histories and bodies
For more information about their practice, motivations and questions see below
Jasper is currently based in the Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Biography + CV

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