Upcoming shows & engagements:

April 20 - 23, EARTH BONDS symposium at Rupert, Vilnius Lithuania
July 1 - 31, SÍM Residency, Reykjavik Iceland
July 9 - 16, LungA Festival, Seyðisfjörður Iceland
Sep 1 - 7, visiting Bienal de São Paulo with Mondrian Fund
Sept 4 - Oct 10, Future Fields course at BEAR/ArtEZ Arnhem
Oct 12, Earthbound Symposium, Aarhus University Denmark

Feb 6 - 11, PerformVU x Radio Nopal, Mexico City Art Week
March: launch new website venusjasper.earth
March 1 - 24, The People Look Like Flowers [...], Roze Filmdagen Amsterdam
April 21 + 28, Open Studio in Amsterdam.
May 1 - 31, AIRIE residency at Everglades, Florida (USA)

April/June, ceramic residency at EKWC (NL)

* 2023 *

_ Earth Bonds, international symposium at Rupert, Vilnius
Showing OAKBaLLZ and EELSkin (performance) and the installation Murky Medicine Swamp

* 2022 *

_ Have we Met? interview with MU about EARTHSHRINE (Dutch language)
Dialogue about worldbuilding, the Sacred, Eco-Feminism and Queer Nature

_ EARTH CRAFT x KABK, workshop + talks and KABK, The Hague:
November 24, Future Soils, workshop with Jasper Griepink & Victoria McKenzie
December 1, Vandana Shiva (on location), hosted by Jasper Griepink & Victoria McKenzie

_ OPYUM Festival 22 - EMPATHY, video-performance festival, Paris
International premiere of video artwork EARTH(hurt)

_ You are all stardust, duoshow at Dat Bolwerck, Zutphen
live: Music from the Earth, live music concert with live Cello octet and piano

_ EARTHSHRINE, Sensing Sacred Soils
Solo show with multiple works and events @MU Eindhoven (Video below)
Live events: Earth Fungus Blessing ritual & Is Soil Sacred? talk with Victoria McKenzie
And: EARTHRAVE, ritual music night /w YaYaBones, SuperInca, sWitches and Soul Venuxx

_ To Live And Die With Soil, essay on EARTHSHRINE, by Georgia Kareola
_ Sensing Sacred Soils, text on EARTHSHRINE, by Nanne op 't Ende

_ Vessels of Hope: SeedsPods
Commissioned creative writing for Neo-Metabolism/Voiz, USA
_ Pitfalls, group show at Odapark, Venray.
_ Your Name is Medicine Over my Kin,
(tr)ancestral wisdoms and earth crafting

I spoke with Zhenevere Sophia Dao as part of
Wxtch Craft - Studium Generale, KABK, The Hague. *online here*
_ All Flourishing is Mutual
Groupshow in Melkweg Expo Amsterdam

* 2021 *

visionary art & science manifestation, showing EARTH(hurt), see shots above
Residency, participatory performances & landscape intervention in Diever, NL (video below)

* 2020 *

_ Enter the Grove is on Youtube!
50-minute immersive storytelling & music performance (click image above)
_ Kunstlicht: SPELLBOUND (Magazine article)
new article 'Grove is in the heart' by Georgia Kareola, about Enter the Grove
_ HOLOX TRIAD, new speculative fiction (15 min read)
published in collaboration with Other Futures Festival Amsterdam
_ When language becomes poetry (interview, English)
_ When language becomes poetry (interview, Netherlands)
dialogue in dutch about my work in the context of land
ownership, indigenous language, TEK & decolonization by Mister Motley
_Empathy, groupshow featuring LOVE SPACE, Museum IJsselstein
_Enter the Grove, performance @LeGuessWho? Utrecht
_Enter the Grove, livestream performance, IMPAKT festival Utrecht (click image above)
_SAGA CENTRE, video installation, IMPAKT Utrecht (see video below)
_Trans Neolithic Future, drawing series, IMPAKT Utrecht (video below)

_DEEPSOILx S T O N E O R G Y, worldbuilding extravaganza, MU Eindhoven
_The World Stage, essay on world building, queer nature & indigenous technology
_Kunst is lang, 50-minute video-interview by Mister Motley

* 2019 *

_S T O N E O R G Y (first gig), music performance @Garage Rotterdam
_Cyber Sanctuaries, online biënnale @Specter/TheWrong
_Darkness is light germinating (Earth Table 1 + 2), installation in Garage Rotterdam

_SHIFT x Neuhaus, experimental research @Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam
_Summer Solstice, summit by Specter @V2_ Rotterdam
_Trans Neolithic Future, graphite drawing series (2019)

* 2018 *

_Silent Bard (treehugger), Performance at Zone2Source Amsterdam
_Echoes of Shamanism, Review in Metropolis M (NL)

    _Talks of Treehuggin’, Artist Talk (audio) Zone2Source (2018)
    _New Wavy Druidry, Article by Onomatopee

* 2017 *

        _Grove 2.0, Outdoor Installation at Lustwarande '17, Tilburg (2017)
        _Gratitude, Performance (2017) at Lustwarande '17, Tilburg
        _Ultra Ecosexual Polyamory […], Performance & Publication at Onomatopee, Eindhoven

        _Re-viving Matriarchy, Essay on Paganism, Power and Language @ itallcomesdowntoearth.com
        _Private Partner Bonding, a tailored wedding ceremony (2017, private commission)
        _Love Space (2017), Free Sex Community & Research at CURE PARK, Amsterdam
        _Love Space, film in exhibition at Art Rotterdam (2018)


_Down to Earth, Research into Permaculture and Community (blog)
_Permacultuur (NL), Article on Permaculture and Food Forests
_Futuristic Primitivism, Article by Rieke Vos (Het Hem) for O, Wonder!

[ work before 2017 ]

Jasper creates Participatory Performances, Visual and Sensorial Installations, Music, Stories, Research & Words, forwarding ontological entanglements that provide more queer space for emobodied eco-ecstasy and the mytho-ecological re(story)ation of the planetary spaceship.

Jasper is currently based in the Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Portfolio available upon request.

Biography + CV

Always new research at:

Tutor BEAR ArtEZ, BfA
In 2023, Jasper taught the module Future Field at BEAR/ArtEZ, Arnhem. Considering climate change, new relations with the land and new ways of living are immanent - speculative futures are needed! From macro to micro, from big dreams to significant details; when thinking about and design the future, what should we consider? What should we be mindful of? Whose future are we talking about? In the course, students consider art-making, filmmaking, writing, farming, land-skills, story-telling and rituals as tools to create and conjure futures.

Tutor Ecology Futures MA
In 2021 and 2022, Jasper taught modules such as Community of All Beings and Future Field at the Ecology Futures MA, Den Bosch. The modules focus on the development, contemplation and materialization of 'progressive' more-than-human futurisms. Students investigate the meaning of ‘nature’ and how it has created false dichotomies, they look at how a queering of the world can bring about new avenues of thought and development, will read about indigenous cosmologies and languages that surpass the western way of seeing things and survey the (hidden) colonial or western/industrial sentiments they are bringing into their proposed futures.

Workshops & Symposiums
In 2022, Jasper contributed to EARTH CRAFT at the Studium Generale of the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, hosting dialogues with great minds such as Vandana Shiva and Zhenevere Sophia Dao. Together with academic-activist Victoria McKenzie, Jasper offered a workshop ritual around 'Future Soil' at the Royal Academy The Hague (2022), which they also conducted during the Is Soil Sacred? symposium at MU Hybrid Art House Eindhoven, which Griepink organized there in the same year. Jasper offered the workshops How to Become a Soil Priestess? in collaboration with Mister Motley and RE_NATURE in 2022. His work was included in the LAND program at Studium Generale ArtEZ, Arnhem (2021) and is now part of an online course there. As part of their exhibition EARTHSHRINE, Jasper curated a reading table with over 40 titles focused on soil belonging and entanglements with the more-than-human.

- LAND, free online course 'LAND' about land-ownership and climate change (Dutch language)
- Seeds of Vandana Shiva, talk between Vandana Shiva, Victoria McKenzie and Jasper Griepink (English)
- Is Soil Sacred? Lecture and dialogue on Sacredness and Soil relations (English)
- Mysterium Tremendum, dialogue between Zhenevere Sophia Dao and Jasper Griepink (English)

Other Guest Teaching & Contributions
Jasper was a guest tutor at Sandberg Institute's CURE MASTER (2015), University of Amsterdam Primitivism in the Arts program (2015), and the Fine Arts departments of Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht and KABK, The Hague (2011-2021). In 2021, their work was included in REGENERART's e-learning course and textbook for European secondary school teachers, and in 2023 they contributed a podcast and educational material in collaboration with MU, Eindhoven for decreatievecode.nl, a platform for high school art education. Besides this, Jasper has developed educational programs centered on art & ecology for various primary schools in Amsterdam in the period of 2017-2019. Often, their educational material becomes part of their art projects.

- Have we Met?, Podcast about Queer Nature, world-building, Ecofeminism and The Sacred (Dutch)
- Trees Have Been Know to Move, engaging video for young students in Drenthe (Dutch)

Speculative Writing. Critical Research. Playful. Visioning. Questioning. Indigenous Language & Cosmology. Animism. Queer. Non-Western Ontologies. Storytelling. More-than-Human. Design. Queerness. Invoking. Experience. Somatic. Ecofeminism. Eco-mysticism. Decolonial, Indigenous Justice and Precolonial Cosmologies. Neurodivergence. Whiteness. Performance. Play, Ritual & Magic.

Reach out for educational projects, talks, workshops or consultancy:
Jaspergriepink [at] gmail [dot] com

Art Manifestation


In 2021, Jasper co-curated the manifestation RE_NATURE together with curator Imke Ruigrok in several locations in Den Bosch, Netherlands. For RE_NATURE, Jasper focused on RE_MEMBER: a thematic exhibition with a side program related to UNROOTING and REROOTING in the sense of finding non-western connection and experiences of "nature" and what has destroyed such connections. RE_MEMBER included: Tabita Rezaire (FR), Institute of Queer Ecology (USA), Melanie Bonajo (NL), Zheng Bo (CN), Arahmaiani (ID), Keiko Sato (JP), Amanda Piña (CL) and Müge Yilmaz (TR). The whole festival presented 45 artists and projects.

Watch video below. See more at: re-nature.org

All Flourishing is Mutual, 2022

In spring 2022, Jasper Griepink was invited by Colette Olof to co-curate a show in MELKWEG EXPO Amsterdam. Orbiting the work of Robin Wall Kimmerer and notions of the more-than-human, the show All Flourishing is Mutual brought together young, local, and international names such as Sissel Marie Tonn (DK), Layla Durrani & Liza Prins (NL/USA) and others. Through Jasper's invitation, the platform Queer Nature (USA) and artist Ella Yolande (UK) both had their first show in the Netherlands.

Watch video below. See more at: allflourishingismutual.melkwegexpo

Jasper Griepink also frequently invites and involves other makers, artists and thinkers into their exhibitions, their performances and live projects. For their work see the main portfolio at this website, under "work".

Speculative Writing. Critical Research. Hands-on. Playful. Visioning. Questioning. Indigenous Language & Cosmology. Animism. Queer. Speculative. Non-Western Ontologies. Storytelling. More-than-Human. Design. Queerness. Invoking. Experience. Offline. Somatic. Ecofeminism. Eco-mysticism. Decolonial, Indigenous Justice and Precolonial Cosmologies. Performance. Play, Ritual & Magic.

Reach out for curatorial projects, co-curating, consultancy, research:
Jaspergriepink [at] gmail [dot] com