The Harmonic Hologram
in Roodkapje, Rotterdam

The second ceremonial gathering of SWEAT featured a Sound & Healing performance by Jasper Griepink and Joseph Marzolla. With a distinct visual expression, Marzolla creates loaded yet very playful video, sound and photography works. For SWEAT (II), Marzolla brought over his Harmonic Hologram; a collection of musical instruments and digital recording technologies. The vibrations, combined with the therapeutic qualities of the body-work of Jasper offer an effective tool to bring about positive shifts in the energy patterns within and around the human bodies of participants.


.. Abandon all complex tools - they are misconceptions. All the brilliant discoveries and inventions of our times will be made with our minds and hands and senses - Aided by simple tools and concepts ... Quote from Das Energi by Paul Williams.


Thank you Joaquin Wall & Janneke Raaphorst for assisting in the treatments. Thank you also all materials, spirits & onlookers and the guests; Marleen Wellen, Heleen Schröder, Michel Pijnen and Joost Bult.

The Harmonic Hologram (2014) was Ceremony II of SWEAT
Concept & Curated by: Jasper Griepink
Geodome, Textiles, Temple-wear: Janneke Raaphorst & Jasper Griepink
Supported by project space Roodkapje Rotterdam
O&O Subsidy by CBK Rotterdam, Materiaalfonds
Camera: Rolf Versteegh
Music: Joseph Marzolla