Love Space: a Temple of Love

In the summer of 2017, Amsterdam had its very first LOVE SPACE, a temporary Temple of Love that functioned as a community centre. Here, people could gain a deeper awareness of sexuality, eroticism and partnership. The founder, Jasper Griepink, believes sexual energy has healing powers. Therefore, the energetic and psychological exchange of erotic intimacy should not take place in the fringes of life, or quickly in between, but at the centre of life, as a conscious experience. People who are interested are invited to come to the LOVE SPACE, to make love and free their sexual intimacy from fear, conditioning and hidden contracts. Via daily 'sharing circles' the project provides an opportunity to share and question feelings. Visitors can also make use of the private 24/7 love suite which is central to the project. If need be, the LOVE SPACE team can assist in answering questions.

LOVE SPACE is an attempt to link the personal and private with the public and political, an intimate place free of voyeurism or exhibitionism. Focal points are safety and connection with our human sexuality, and all that is expected of the participants is that they go on a personal authentic journey of discovery.

For deeper information, check: What is Love Space? + What is Free Love?

above images: video stills from "LOVE SPACE | ONE" by Julia Sokolnicka & Jasper Griepink.


above images: a selection of the photography works from the project.
For details on prices and dimensions, email us for inquiry.


2017: LOVE SPACE was presented at first during CURE PARK in Amsterdam.
2017: LOVE SPACE was mentioned in Glamcult Magazine + the newspaper
2017: LOVE SPACE was addressed in 'Activating the Potential', a review publication by TAAK.
2018: the LOVE SPACE | ONE shortfilm by Julia Sokolnicka & Jasper Griepink premiered in one of the booths of the Mondriaan Fund exhibit at Art Rotterdam. The booth featured polaroids, printed interviews and a costume. Next to the film, in a cosy carpeted booth. A photograph + information about the project were printed in the exhibit publication.
2020/2021: the project was presented at Museum IJsselstein, Netherlands. I showed printed photography, a circle of white chalk, the film and other small memorabilia such as polaroids and a costume (see below).
2020: the project was part of a trial residency at AVL Mundo Rotterdam to explore spatial designs for the project.
2020: LOVE SPACE co-hosted an online event at HOTTAKES.CO during the Corona Lockdown.


LOVE SPACE is conceptualized and realized by Jasper Griepink. Thank you: Amy Brangwyn and Tamera, Portugal.
Co-organisation first edition (2017): Sonia Batovrina. Thank you Pinar&Viola for many printed fabrics.

LOVE SPACE TEAM (first edition, 2017): Sonia Batovrina, Viola Renate, Amy Brangwyn, Melinda Gorham-Rodrigues, Katrin Pfalz, Chris Pugsley, Jasper Griepink. Guest Gurus: Nicola Rian Romme, Toña Wong Chung, Muharrem Murat, Sophia Maria Kienhuis. Special thanks to heart-core ones: Ricky, Shadia & Justin. Julia Solonicka for Filming. Alexandra Hageman for Costumes! Amsterdamse Bos + theater.

Promo photography: Renate Ariadne van der Togt & Jasper Griepink. Styling: Sophia Batovrina
Event photography: (not on this webpage) / CURE PARK
Logo/Flag design: Pinar&Viola (thank you especially Viola Renate)

2017: Artists and thinkers in Cure Park project were: Mark Bain, Council (Myriam Lefkowitz, Valentina Desideri & Lendl Barcellos), Claudia van Dijk & Arden Rzewnicki, Circus Engelbregt & Marjolijn Zwakman, Helena Grande (film programme), Jasper Griepink, Lina Issa (Samenschool), Saskia Janssen & George Korsmit (Rainbow Soulclub), Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen, Job Koelewijn, Suns and Stars in collaboration with Emmeline de Mooij & Marjoca de Greef, Shana Moulton, Ruchama Noorda, Rory Pilgrim, Abner Preis, Print the Future, Katerina Seda, Floris Schönfeld in collaboration with Misa Skalskis & Bruno Bocanegra, Cathalijne Smulders, William Speakman, SulSolSal, Karel Winterink, Louwrien Wijers & Egon Hanfstingl.

2020: Thank you Museum IJsselstein (Imke Ruijgrok) and HOTTAKES.CO (Morgan Catalina) and AVL MUNDO for hosting the project.

The original LOVE SPACE was a part of Cure Park, an Art Manifestation in the Amsterdamse Bos, Curated by TAAK (thank you Theo Tegelaers). Cure Park was made possible by various Sponsors & Partners. I would like to thank specifically the Mondriaan Fund, the CBK Rotterdam (for initial research prior to Love Space) and Fonds Kwadraat.

For more information visit: and/or the Love Space Facebook group.
Detailed daily program and information about Cure Park, click here.