My Wavy Sarong

Carrying a backpack stuffed with fantasies, dreams and expectations I went on my first trip into the tropics as part of my research project, A Pilgrimage to the Soul. Late 2013, I arrived in Jakarta with the initial aim of studying temple architecture and the design of spiritual sites as to to develop new sacred spaces as part of my artistic practice. However, during the research my interest shifted into finding access and belonging in the amazing new worlds I was visiting. My Wavy Sarong is a novel about love and desire, about learning how to live with creative gifts and finding an output for them in a world that is not equally organized. Within sensual mysticism and cultural clashes, a political ambition about an unified and abundant earth is hidden. Rising questions about privilege and spirituality, the book is a puzzling adventure that brings art and imagination to the fore as a process of reconciling worlds that sometimes sit uncomfortably together.

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My Wavy Sarong (2016)
Graphic Design: Celine Wouters
Cover Art: Pinar&Viola
Editing: Perri Mackenzie
Published by Rock Bottom