MU, Eindhoven, 2020

ENTER THE FOREST (2020) was part of the Worlding Worlds exhibition at MU, Eindhoven. During the performance, 9 video-projections covered nearly all walls of the building. This atmosphere was enhanced by a soundscape made by Jasper, and additionally a path of earth with several meeting sites was installed on the floor. Green LED lights and hazer equipment fused with the videos, creating a greenish indoor forest environment.

From MU website: "Enter the virtual grove of Jasper Griepink, who will transform MU into a digital forest for a one-night story telling experience of the tale D E E P S O I L, supported and interspersed by his recent music project S T O N E O R G Y, for which he has been collaborating with musician Giek_1.

The story of D E E P S O I L (2020) speaks of a subterranean layer of earth, mineral and nutrients that is said to have a consciousness of its own. The pagan sci-fi story has not been finished on paper though, and will come alive in the live performance instead. As a hybrid between a nature priest and a sassy musician, Griepink will guide us on a collective world building journey in which our feeling, imagination, breath and attentive ears will help generate the reality; expect dancing, jumping, sounds and singing - and of course, listening to the cascading narrative of the world in the middle of being created.

Interwoven with the above story are the songs of S T O N E O R G Y (2019 - 2020), which are based on a research into paganism, Druidry and the power of oral story telling. In the performance, a world will be created which interlaces the atmosphere of a music-gig with the telling of a story of a seemingly ancient world. Griepink will perform not only as a singer and orator, but also as the facilitator of a participatory sensorial experience, in which the audience will download a story-world from our collective unconscious.

Additionally, the performance will attempt to break the typical "Hero's Journey" that so often takes central stage within narratives. Griepink wonders who raised this hero? Who took care of his food, clothing? Could the matrix of life surrounding him be brought to the fore, could that matrix perhaps become the entire narrative? How would that influence the way we believe this world to be?"


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Photographs & Vids below:


Teaser Video:

Setlist (90 min):
Part 1: The Kinfolx of Eirdr
Part 2: The Great Hall Moment
... Dirt / Dirty (song)
Part 3: The Line of Kiln
Part 4: Mining the Source
... Standing Stone (song)
Part 5: The Hero
... [Intermezzo lecture]
Part 6: The Birth of People
... Solar System (song)





Date - Jul 16, 2020
Project & Concept: Jasper Griepink
Story: Jasper Griepink
Music: Soul Venuxx (Jasper Griepink) & Giek_1
Video Production intern: Ines Delgado Rusli
Performers: Jasper Griepink, Giek_1, Ines Delgado Rusli
Costume: Jasper Griepink & Jacob Kok
Photos: MU / Hanneke Wertzer
Location: MU, Eindhoven
Thank you: Angelique Spaninks