Deep Partner Bonding

In 2017, a couple was married by Law of Love

Within a private setting, a 24-hour long ceremonial gathering took place in which J & J were prepared for their bonding. Both went through various guided meditations concerning deep feelings with a focus on the craft of intention setting. Through writing exercises, spell-casting and sacred celebration body work, the couple explored desire and autonomy and ultimately could express their ecstatic emotions and intentions. From dusk till dusk this 5year+ couple got to know each other and the power of love on a whole new level. Various sessions of couple cleansing and blessings were interwoven with the introduction of several Partnership Enhancing Tools (PET's) - such as a Talking Stones, Wild Witnesses, Love Journals and Eye Gazing Exercises - complimentary gifts to their tailored weekend experience.

Some Beauty Shots:

In the video below you can see the couple washing each others hands and expressing their feelings to one-another:

Bondage Time!




Ceremonial Guides: Jasper Griepink & Viola Renate
Concept & Ritual Direction: Jasper Griepink
Costume Design: Jasper Griepink & Alexandra Hageman
Live Music and Chanting: Jasper Griepink & Viola Renate
Photo + Camera: Everyone Involved

We feel so grateful and blessed to have been the facilitator of this wedding weekend

So Much love