S T O N E O R G Y, 2019 (first gig)

Using music and interactive performance, S T O N E O R G Y aims to bring people in orgiastic moshpits.
Dancing as an offering to Mother Earth. Moving bodies in ecstasy as a way of aligning our intentions and power.
S T O N E O R G Y is a modern pagan group ritual that will put the earth back in our roots, so to speak.
It feels familiar, like something new and ancient. Like your weekend but then ritually.

This theatrical experience explores ideas of collective energy and the thresholds of transfer between one body and another.
The music performance ritual is the result of a research on matriarchy, language, paganism & power that began in the summer of 2018.

The first performance of S T O N E O R G Y was presented at Garage Rotterdam,
the gig featured three songs and one interactive performance involving smartphones.

___ Follow the music via IG: @soul_venuxx_____
___ Read more about the project here.


1) Dirt / Dirty
2) The Stone
3) Solar System
*music to be released in 2020


SMARTPHONE CLEANSE 101, an interactive smartphone healing session, near the end of the set.



Date - Dec 14, 2019
Project & Concept: Jasper Griepink
Performers: Jasper Griepink & Giek_1
Music: Soul Venuxx (Jasper Griepink) & Giek_1
Production intern: Juul van Meijel
Photos: Bas Czerwinski *photoshop by Jasper
Thank you: Garage Rotterdam, Mondriaan Fonds
CBK Rotterdam, Fonds Kwadraat and friends <3